Who are we?

A team of talented start-up managers

Devoted to your business up to 3 days a month, with a wealth of experience in businesses and rapid growth

Martine ESPIET<br />Director

Martine ESPIET

32 years of professional experience

Toulouse Business School (TBS) – Accounting graduate (DCG) – Audit, accountancy expertise, CFO, business creation and Venture Capital

KPMG, Expanso, Girondins de Bordeaux

Henri Emmanuel BALSAN<br />Start-up Manager

Henri Emmanuel BALSAN
Start-up Manager

30 years of professional experience

Accounting graduate (DECF) – Intelligence Architecture – Supply Chain – International – Management

DECATHLON and various SOHOs, SMEs, ETIs

“Too many start-ups with potential find themselves limited in terms of growth due to a lack of vision on challenges encountered during their initial upscale.
The transition from 15 to 50 employees and from national to international markets is itself a complicated process… But for start-ups experiencing rapid growth, as with any athlete who overdoes it, things can quickly flare up, leaving the business spiralling out of control.
During this critical phase, we help entrepreneurs stay in control and gain ground… to support them in the transition from a Founder to a CEO.”

Start-up managers

A group of business leaders:
start-ups, SMEs, mid-cap businesses

Mobilised throughout the programme, they share their testimonials, experiences, and develop your networks

Partners actively involved in the programme

As key industry players and experts, they will work alongside you to boost your success


As key players boosting talent


for your business, for our region


yours, ours and desired results


working together transparently, with a shared goal


with private, public and regional stakeholders, for the benefit of entrepreneurs

Logo Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Up Grade, a programme supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

Up Grade is a regional accelerator led and financed by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, committed to creating added value for businesses, innovation and technology transfer

“Numerous key players support the emerging phase of business projects. This is just the start! The aim of the Up Grade accelerator is to support the upscale of young start-ups with high growth potential and promote job creation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.”

Alain RoussetPresident of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council

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