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Make your upscale a success
thanks to Up Grade Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Testimonials from key players in the Up Grade program:
accelerated businesses, mentors, expert-partners, start-up managers, etc.

1- Act on key levers and conditions for managing rapid growth

“Growing start-ups look to accelerate growth but don’t realise that they still have obstacles to overcome. Up Grade act as a team of co-pilots who help managers to get over the final hurdles to growth and identify the next obstacles that come their way”

Arnaud de Malet – ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine Partner

“Receive support when you are inundated with questions: having too many challenges to tackle will weigh on the direction you choose to take. The Up Grade programme helps you answer all these questions.”

Jean-Francois LETARD - Olikrom Business that accelerated growth thanks to the Up Grade programme

“A business is a living and complex entity. Supporting start-ups must go beyond simply sponsoring: marketing strategies, economic models, profitability, and above all, governance and HR. The values (human, social, environmental, etc.) created by allocating sponsorships matter most.”

Anne-Laure Bedu – Nouvelle-Aquitaine RegionFunding body

2 – Anticipate next steps
and discover the key actions to implement

“For me, Up grade is a comprehensive high-quality support system for business leaders.
During a meeting undertaken with an “upscaled” company, I recognised first and foremost how the Up Grade mentor really listened to the managers. The aim, via a series of questions, is not to impose a certain way of thinking or “formula”, but rather to create a mirror effect on the business leader so that they can knowingly take the best strategic decision.”

Laurence CabillicHead of Business Development – BPACA – partner

“2019 was a turning point since we went beyond the crucial number of 20 employees. To help us in this transition, […] the Upgrade programme led by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, which invests a lot of time and resources into economic development […] really gave us the tools to structure our activities in the best way possible.”

Hugues Thiebauld - eshardBusiness that accelerated growth thanks to the Up Grade programme

3 – Reducing risk areas linked to rapid growth

“We highlight issues that we are likely to face within the context of our development. Every time we address an issue during collective workshops, we find ourselves confronted with that issue one month later.”

Nicolas Guillemot - DynvibeBusiness that accelerated growth thanks to the Up Grade programme

“Up Grade is an intensive programme, which helps businesses boost performance and develop wisely, in particular by providing warnings about the pitfalls of poorly controlled growth.”

Laurent Chapoulaud - Partner EY Audit Transactions Services - Partner

4 – You will have the opportunity to get out of your bubble and surround yourself with a group of supportive entrepreneurs

“Following my meeting with entrepreneurs from the upgrade programme, my first impression was surprise. For over 20 years, I have hung out in many […] entrepreneurial circles, but I have never felt as much such solidarity as that in the Up Grade class. Real, strong ties are established between a diverse range of entrepreneurs with varied business interests: on one hand, there is the sense of honest camaraderie, profound respect and commitment, and on the other hand, pertinent and direct discussions with no holds barred on practical issues including recruitment, cash-flow problems, making difficult decisions, funding, relocating, etc.”

Olivier de Tremaudan Start-up mentor and entrepreneur

“To prepare the international roll-out of Poietis, we need to accelerate the development of the business and make important decisions. In our view, being challenged and confronted with other entrepreneurs is essential”

Fabien Guillemot - PoietisBusiness that accelerated growth thanks to the Up Grade programme

“Receiving regular support helps us break away from the solitude associated with being an entrepreneur: to share our concerns, questions, challenges, and compare our experiences with other entrepreneurs”

Jean-Francois LETARD - OlikromBusiness that accelerated growth thanks to the Up Grade programme

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